Genie 9

Real time backup and disaster recovery for both home and business use. Prices start at $39.95 for the popular Genie Timeline Home edition. Don’t wait to buy this product until you really need it. Data protection and recovery is all about prevention.



Thank you for “The Best Product” I’ve ever used on my PC! As simple and without worries make my data backed up. Absolutely logical to use and very easy to use. Now that I have already tested the trial version, I am now the proud owner of the full version. Thank you! … More so …I’ve tested a lot of other programs-all scrap. Best Regards from Germany ”

With Time Line – back to the future … I love it!
M. Peterlin

Can I also say that this version of software is absolutely brilliant. I restored my PC to an earlier time using the Disaster Recovery option with Timeline, and it worked a treat. I can’t say enough good things about this software. It just works. Pure and simple.
Once again, I appreciate all of the help I get from Genie Soft. ”

Keep up the awesome work.

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