Kabbage Small Business Loans

How does $100k for your business sound? If you think that’s appealing, how much dirt cheap interest rates while you concentrate on what’s most important for your business – revenue! If you’ve been in business for at least 12 months and are currently looking for a small business loan, you ought to give Kabbage a look.

Kabbage provides you with the flexibility and security of working capital at any time that you need it. You can draw against your line of credit on a daily basis. Yes, you can do this for any reason as long as it’s for your business. And, the best part for many, is that unlike traditional lenders Kabbage approves small business loans on a case by case review basis, and simply not just by your credit score.

Don’t be shy. Go for it! Apply, qualify and get cash instantly.

Watch a video on how the Kabbage loans process works.