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It only takes 30 minutes a day to learn a new language. Can you believe that?

30 Minutes Per Day

Give Pimsleur 30 minutes a day and, according to their website, they’ll have you speaking a new language in no time. Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to develop a near native accent and become proficient in your new language. Plus, Pimsleur’s portability makes it easy for you to find the time.

Anywhere, Anytime

Learn Spanish while you’re driving to work. Speak Italian while exercising. Study French while waiting for a plane. Practice Russian while walking the dog. Learn Mandarin in your living room. Pimsleur digital lessons play on your device of choice—computer, tablet, iPod or smartphone. If you’re more traditional, take our CDs with you on your drive or enjoy them at home.

Scientifically Proven

Dr. Pimsleur’s Method® has been trusted for 50 Years by U.S. government agencies, diplomats, corporations, and anyone who wants or needs to learn to speak a language quickly and effectively. Everything about the Pimsleur Method has improved with age, making it the most reliable way to learn a language.

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