SoFi Personal Loans

Put simply, SoFi is reinventing personal finance and tackling the old way of getting loans head on. Since their inception, SoFi has issued over $2.5 billion in loans. Not million, but billion! In a lot of ways, SoFi helps young folks accelerate their success level by helping them where they need help most – through more affordable financing. Whether it’s student loan refinancing, first home mortgages, or some type of personal loans, SoFi can provide financial products that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

Their simple online application is much faster than you can imagine. Rates are very competitive. For example, fixed rates for student loans start at 3.5% while variable rates start at a rock bottom floor of 1.9% APR.

There are no fees. There is no catch. For once, what you see is what you get.

Go to today to check your rates. With stated average savings of $11,000 on student loans, the few minutes it takes to fill out an application is worth your time and effort.

As with most other products featured on this site, we are compensated for profiling SoFi.